Importance of First Attempt

The First Attempt

The first attempt of the candidate is a very crucial one and that is the attempt in which we can give the attempt with the full fire. So you should not waste this opportunity for just a sake of writing the Preliminary examination. Many can clear the Preliminary exam in just sake of writing but you can not be done with the Mains examination. Let us explain that what advantage you have in first attempt is the thought about the civil services examination and how you approach to the preparation is desired by whom you approach to get the advice. Whether it is the successful candidates or those who are at to succeed. Successful candidates can give you the positive approach, they would have had some fallbacks and how they rectified them. They will help you to focus in preparation with a positive way.
But if you go for some candidates who have not succeeded, they might give you some negative thoughts about the examination that you have to study too much to cover the vast areas of study and course etc.
“If the thing is already been done by somebody. Then you can also do it. If the thing is not been done by anybody. Then you have to do it.”
So, if anybody discourages you by saying that it can not be done in the first attempt, then you have to do it. And believe me that “IT CAN BE DONE IN FIRST ATTEMPT!”

Getting into a IAS

Another advantage to the first attempt students is that you can have the flexibility to change your mind according to the pattern of the questions which is asked. People who have done two or three attempts have a formed mindset which says that you have to prepare with such a way but  in first attempt you have to concentrate on every aspects of the question paper and pattern. The syllabus is very fair and the question papers are setting in a very transparent manner and never goes out of syllabus, and this is the main fair part of the UPSC. We have to identify all the areas which are generally asked and then prepare in such manner.
The most important advantage for the first attempters is that you have lot of time to learn. Suppose you are giving it in next year and then you can start your preparation before the 10 months of examination, and this is decent amount of time to getting into right approach and study management. “People who are in the final year of their engineering or graduating degree, they can also start at that stage itself“
So 10 month gap would be very sufficient to clear the Preliminary exam. We have to consider this Civil Services Exam as a long term journey. Suppose its a 1000 kilometer journey, and we can not travel that distance in one step. We have to cover this journey step by step and each step should be directed towards your goal. Suppose, you are starting with the Preliminary and then your only aim for that 5 months or 6 months should be preliminary and do not think about your main exam at that time span. Because for the Preliminary the concept is very clear, the question is given and all the answers are also given.
You need to pick the correct answer at the most closest answer among the four choices. But in the Mains exam it is not so, only the question is given and you have the freedom to write whatever answer you want or put your own ideas accordingly. We have to be very spontaneous with answers and for that spontaneity to come to you in first attempt, you have to be clear about your opinion formation and proper thought process.
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