Our Mentoring Program – ‘Dronacharya’

A dream by itself is not sufficient for the aspirants. Once they start preparation many issues may arise – the Vast Syllabus, time constraints, and peer pressure.
More often than not, most Aspirants are not aware of their weaknesses and how to overcome them.
For continuous motivation and inspiration, we have designed a mentorship program called “Dronacharya”,  Our mentoring team consists of  In-Service Civil Servants as well as Rtd. Civil Servants in addition to the professors.
The Mentor and Mentee meet as per their time schedule and the Aspirant’s progress will be reviewed, and a remedial program is put in place. We do this quite literally by holding a mirror to them and note their gaps so they can self-reflect and then work us with us to fix them so that their chances of Cracking CIVILs is assured.
This program will be very helpful for Aspirants to keep their motivation at its peak
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