Our Teaching Methodology


Competition makes an individual more creative and goal-oriented. Competition motivates us to walk towards the GOAL and reap the Fruits of success.

Dr Kalam IAS Academy

Dr Kalam IAS Academy is very unique & distinguishes itself from other institutes through its Pedigree, success-oriented focus on a number of aspects in view of the preparation and Aspirants. Students are taught what is essential to clear each stage of the exam, each with its own expectation and nuance.


 Dr Kalam IAS Academy was started by a group of like-minded people who are having very rich experience in Teaching and Mentoring CIVIL Services Aspirants.

Our Pedagogy is designed & developed by experts who are prominent at the national level & have produced toppers. Cracking the CIVILs is not easy, but our Dream Team of Experts is here to make it easy for you through our Strong Pedagogy & Mentor program.

                                                              Course Material & Test Series:

The Pedigree of the founders & the highly experienced & Dedicated Faculty are not only excellent at teaching but also known for providing the best course material. Regular Mock Tests will be conducted in addition to the classroom tests.

All students are provided with the Synopsis of each class well in advance

                                            Rigorous Teaching, Evaluation, and Feedback:

The rigorous schedule we follow at the Academy is the biggest source of reassurance & Confidence among the students. Our Faculty conduct regular quizzes and weekly tests, they diligently evaluate and give personal feedback.

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